Behavioral Difficulties

Children’s behaviour can be disruptive and difficult at times. For some children, serious behaviour difficulties become a pattern that can include acting impulsively, reacting with aggression, refusing to follow reasonable directions, and defying adult authority. These behaviour difficulties interfere with children’s social and academic development and can have serious consequences for their mental health.
Dr Sanjeev Gupta provides comprehensive assessment of behavior difficulties including ADHD, Anxiety, school refusal, bullying issues and trauma. Dr Gupta spends lot of time working with families, helping them understand their child’s difficulties and developing a treatment plan in conjunction with allied health.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive medical care with best practise standards and modern expertise.
With over 20 years of extensive exposure in paediatric field, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta has gained profound experience in understanding a child’s physical and mental health from neonatal stage to older children.