Feeding Difficulties

Difficulty feeding and problems around eating are common issues in children of all ages.

Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory problems in children are one of the commonest reasons to see a Paediatrician.


Constipation is when a child has a hard poo (faeces or bowel movement) or does not go to the toilet regularly.


When children have too much body fat they’re described as overweight or obese.

Growth & Developmental Delay

Development is the term used to describe the changes in your child’s physical growth

Diabetes Including Insulin Pump

Diabetes is no longer a disease that affects only adults, but nowadays children and infants are more affected.


ASD or Autism spectrum disorder is a special type of condition found in some children since birth or within the first two to three years.

Behavioural Difficulties

Behavioural difficulties are an extremely problematic physical condition where a child shows outside the norm behaviours for their age.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorder is a very common problem that is found in children and in some cases infants too.

Paediatric Chronic Conditions

Many children display certain disorders since birth such as respiratory tract infection, ear infection, diarrhea and other issues.

Behavioral Difficulties

The cornerstone of child care


From infants to adolescence

Sleep Disorders

Specialised Treatment

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Keeping Children Happy and Healthy!

It is our responsibility to keep our children happy and healthy. A vital decision made by parents before the birth of a child is which paediatrician they should consult with. Paediatricians take care of the physical, mental and behavioral health of your child. They are well-trained and qualified enough to treat illness of infants, children, and adolescents ranging from minor illness to serious health problems. Critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and active listening are key skills of paediatricians.
Health and happiness are both sides of the same coin. Therefore, a healthy child, both physically and mentally, is always happy. Quality sleep is necessary for your children’s health since sleep boosts their metabolism and resets their mood. Besides, encouraging a healthy diet, avoiding junk food and offering a glass of water often are important steps to maintain a good health for your children.
Dr. Gupta has an experience of 20 years of child’s mental and physical health. According to him, treatment of children needs special care, patience, empathy, and communication. He uses one electronic medical record for each patient. It assures you of timely and constant communication between your child and entire medical/allied health team. The mission of Dr. Gupta’s team is to keep your children happy by helping them to maintain good health.

In a Children-Friendly Environment!

In a child-friendly environment, an emphasis is given to child’s interests, demands, and needs. A child –friendly environment is characterized by gender-equity, peace, safety, and security. Violence –free and abuse-free environment is essential for healthy mental development. A place, where healthy lifestyles are promoted and a child can learn, play freely, can be called a child-friendly environment. A school, park, and playground provide us a children-friendly environment that ensures all-round development of the children. It is needless to say that a home should offer the friendliest environment to a child.
Dr. Sanjeev Gupta’s private clinic is designed in a child friendly manner. It is decorated with toys, books, materials needed for drawing. A visit to Dr. Sanjeev Gupta is nothing but fun for children.

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With over 20 years of extensive exposure in paediatric field, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta has gained profound experience in understanding a child’s physical and mental health from neonatal stage to older children.