Paediatric Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory problems in children are one of the commonest reasons to see a Paediatrician. Bronchiolitis, croup, asthma and pneumonia are the most common conditions in childhood responsible for admission to hospital. Over diagnosis of Asthma in children is also a problem identified by ‘Asthma Australia’ and ‘National Asthma Council Australia’. Unrecognized allergic rhinitis is one of the major contributors for poor control of symptoms in asthma. Correct diagnosis and optimal symptom control of asthma is essential for the productive growth and development of a child with symptoms of asthma. Another debilitating condition in children is chronic cough causing sleepless nights and adding distress to family.
Dr Sanjeev Gupta provides comprehensive review, diagnosis, treatment and education of common respiratory conditions in children. Dr Gupta Liaises with the GP in community and respiratory physician if needed for the best outcome with these conditions. He spends lot of time with parents with illustrative education material to help understand their child’s condition and manage effectively at home.

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With over 20 years of extensive exposure in paediatric field, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta has gained profound experience in understanding a child’s physical and mental health from neonatal stage to older children.