What does a Paediatrician do?


ASD or Autism spectrum disorder is a special type of condition found in some children since birth or within the first two to three years. It is a condition where a child shows difficulties in social interaction, repetitive behaviors and communication challenges.

Behavioral Difficulties

Behavioural difficulties are an extremely problematic physical condition where a child shows outside the norm behaviours for their age. This condition occurs due to temporary stressors in a child’s life. There are many common types of disruptive behaviour disorder that includes ODD, CD and ADHD. Boys are more sufferers that a girl child.


Constipation is when a child has a hard poo (faeces or bowel movement) or does not go to the toilet regularly. Constipation is a common problem in children, particularly around the time of toilet training or after a painful or frightening bowel movement

Feeding Difficulties

Difficulty feeding and problems around eating are common issues in children of all ages. Challenges can range from physical problems that affect feeding in infants to behavioral difficulties such as transitioning to solids and fussy eating in toddlers.

Growth and developmental delay

Development is the term used to describe the changes in your child’s physical growth, as well as her ability to learn the social, emotional, behaviour, thinking and communication skills she needs for life. All of these areas are linked, and each depends on and influences the others.


When children have too much body fat they’re described as overweight or obese. Obesity is a more serious form of overweight. Both overweight and obesity are risks for children’s health. A healthy family lifestyle has lots of benefits for children’s health and wellbeing and can help children avoid childhood obesity.

Paediatric Chronic Conditions

Many children display certain disorders since birth such as respiratory tract infection, ear infection, diarrhea and other issues. These problems are in most cases short-term and are quite normal. However, few children develop certain chronic illness which is termed as paediatric chronic conditions.

Paediatric Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory problems in children are one of the commonest reasons to see a Paediatrician. Bronchiolitis, croup, asthma and pneumonia are the most common conditions in childhood responsible for admission to hospital. Over diagnosis of Asthma in children is also a problem identified by ‘Asthma Australia’ and ‘National Asthma Council Australia’.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorder is a very common problem that is found in children and in some cases infants too. A sleep disorder has much negative impact on your child such as behaviour problems, mood problems, lack of performance, memory concentration problems, slower reaction times and more.
With over 20 years of extensive exposure in paediatric field, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta has gained profound experience in understanding a child’s physical and mental health from neonatal stage to older children.